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The ALIVE concept originates in 2015 in the realization of the needs expressed by the population and the environment, short or long term aid and care.

Changing lifestyles require health professionals to evaluate and adapt their professional approaches. As a result, and with a philosophy based on different theories and concepts from the field of human and social sciences (clinical science, educational science, psychology), the entire ALIVE team is committed to providing quality work so that the care is optimal for young and old alike.

“You feel different, to us YOU are unique.”

Our team of family-oriented caregivers will come to your home to assist you with your needs (nursing care and daily aids). We assure you a personalized and authentic relationship, based on an individualized approach.

FAMIL, a daytime activity centre with its multidisciplinary team that welcomes your children with special needs through learning and leisure activities. FAMIL is also the opportunity for parents to maintain a professional and personal life with a free spirit and confidence.

The team of therapists and activities welcomes you to the Therapeutic Centre, a warm and family-friendly meeting place. Our specialists offer you a wide range of services including physiotherapy, nursing care and blood tests, medical pedicure, various creative art workshops as well as consultations and life coaching.


Family atmosphere





Our way of conceiving the accompaniment and care of the beneficiaries is built on a holistic vision. This global vision includes the environment, lifestyle habits, abilities and faculties, perceptions and thinking of each person we accompany in the experience of his or her life process.

The integration of the person in our activities as an active partner in his or her accompaniment is an integral part of our philosophy. “Working together” in the respect of your temporality and according to your rhythm allows you to improve your quality of life.

We act as a facilitator of access to effective adaptation strategies and empowerment in order to improve the management of your daily life.


To provide services to the entire population from birth to the end of life for a little more comfort, to regain family balance, or simply to continue living at home.

Gaston Altmeisch
President Aliveplus a.s.b.l.

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