AliveZenter offers you a medical pedicure service. A medical pedicure is a health professional who takes care of the feet and toes. In order to carry out his missions, he uses specific and technical equipment such as burs, different types of scalpels, excavators, high-frequency or electrotherapy. It also uses creams, disinfectants and natural solutions in the form of massage, poultices, baths or wraps to ensure the well-being of your feet and legs.

A specialised team of medical pedicurists/reflexologists at the cutting edge of technology welcomes you to the therapeutic centre. We treat different types of skin and toenail conditions. The care products used are of natural origin.

A medical pedicure session consists of a clinical examination, technical procedures and basic care, as well as a relaxing massage as indicated. It lasts an average of 40 minutes. The frequency of a medical pedicure is monthly, it is possible that depending on the client’s situation and needs, this frequency may be modified.

During the first consultation a file is opened including a detailed anamnesis, or collection of information from the client. It lasts an average of 20 minutes. The customer gives his agreement that his information is recorded in a secure computerized file.

During certain clinical examinations specific treatments and care are required. These specific services can be included and/or annexed to the medical pedicure session, or can take place during a new appointment. It should be noted that specific treatments are to be considered as a supplement at the time of invoicing.

Our services :

  • Advice on prevention and hygiene of their feet
  • Advice on adaptive care and self-care products at home
  • Clinical examination (pathophysiological and postural analysis)
  • Basic care (nail care: shaping, cutting, refining and skin care: abrasion of local hyperkeratosis)
  • Follow-up and treatment of the diabetic foot (poor perforation, sensitivity disorders, monitoring, care)
  • Treatment of corns, partridge eyes, calluses and calluses (extraction, electrical coagulation, sanding, curettage)
  • Natural treatment of mycoses (onychomycosis, dermatomycosis)
  • Treatment of thickened and ingrown nails (abrasion, reconstruction)
  • Foot sole care hyperhidrosis, bromidrosis, plantar warts (galvanic electricity, wrap)
  • Manufacture of compression relief dressings
  • Foot & leg wellness massage
  • Foot & leg lymphatic drainage (manual, mechanical)
  • Foot reflexology

The reception is only by appointment from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 17.00..

A mobile team can guarantee a follow-up at home. The services provided in the home guarantee maintenance and continuity of care for people who are unable to move around. For any intensive or complex treatment a visit to the therapy centre is essential. Travel to the home involves an extra charge for travel expenses.

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